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By Kim Vo
on Jul 01, 2008
Wigs sure have come a long way since grandma donned one to camouflage her thinning hair or to cover up her gray. These days, such celebrities as Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears and the infamous chameleon Cher have all worn them. Wigs are also the perfect solution for clients who want to undergo a personality change for a
By Kim Vo
on Jun 01, 2008
As with every change of season, the onset of summer is a time when we hair pros are faced with a salon full of clients who are all clamoring for the same thing—hair that's new, different and fresh. They're focused on the proverbial fun in the sun, and they want a hairstyle that will withstand the rigors of UV rays, pools,
By Kim Vo
on May 01, 2008
Clearly, women have not cornered the market on hair trends. Men who want to make a fashion statement—and there are more of them than you might think, from big cities as well as smaller towns—are keeping pace with what's new and following the trends accordingly. Kim Voe This spring, we're
By Kim Vo
on Jan 01, 2007
These days, reality competition shows are all over the airwaves. From singers to dancers, chefs to models, rock stars to treasure hunters, it seems that nearly everyone is vying to be the next best something. And now, hairstylists will get their day in the spotlight when the women-targeted network, Oxygen, debuts
By Kim Vo
on Dec 01, 2006
Ahhh, the holidays: that special time of year when excitement, glad tidings, good cheer and stress permeate the salon air. With clients wanting to look their best as they make the rounds of holiday parties and entertain out-of-town guests, it's probably also the busiest time of year for you. KIM VO