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Kim Vo

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By Kim Vo
on Sep 01, 2006
It happens to all colorists, eventually: the appearance of the adventurous client who plunks down in your chair and announces that she has always dreamed of spicing up her dark locks with brilliant blond highlights. Her dream, maybe—but your nightmare. Kim Vo Taking dark hair into
By Kim Vo
on Jul 01, 2006
A change of season often brings about a change in attitude. Some of your clients might be thinking about lightening up a bit for summer, while others are ready to plunge right in and go for a look that's dramatically different. Here are a few highlighting techniques to tempt them. Kim Vo
By Kim Vo
on Jun 01, 2006
Writing a column for American Salon is a fabulous honor—an opportunity to share with serious professionals what I have learned over the years and continue to discover every day. My intent each month is to give you practical tools that you can use to make a positive impact in your work. Kim Vo My