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Lori Morris

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on Sep 08, 2008
It's Lori again, back with more coverage from Mercedes-Benz Spring/Summer 2009 Fashion Week in New York City. I'm going to apologize in advance for the quality of some of the images in these posts—I love my new iPhone, but the picture quality isn't exactly the best .... On the evening of Friday, Sept. 5, I attended
Eiji Yamane
on Sep 05, 2008
Eiji Yamane at work at Zang Toi I kicked off my Fashion Week experience with a preview of the Zang Toi show, hosted by Jill Zarin from The Real Housewives of New York City (co-star Bethenny Frankel was also in attendance). Toi, in a "Team Toi" t-shirt and his signature black mini-kilt (he changed before making
on Sep 04, 2008
Welcome to the new American Salon blog! I wanted to take a few lines to introduce myself. I'm Lori Morris, American Salon's senior editor. I started with the magazine about 4 months ago and have just been blown away by what an amazing industry this is. I've had the opportunity to meet many stylists and salon owners,
on Sep 01, 2008
PARIS MATCH CND's fearless fashionista Jan Arnold kept a diary for us when she finally made it to Paris for fashion week. I've been to New York City during fashion week for years, and what I've noticed is that the city seems fairly oblivious to the fact that fashion week is even in town. In
on Sep 01, 2008
When Ouidad Wise used to play with her mom's curly hair as a child in Lebanon, she developed a passion for both shaping curls and for making people feel good by helping them look good. Now, 25 years after opening Ouidad Salon in New York City—and becoming well known by just her first name—Ouidad has