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Me with Eva Scrivo backstage
on Sep 09, 2008
  Me with Eva Scrivo backstage Monday afternoon I headed to the Chelsea Art Gallery for the Catherine Malandrino show, where I talked to lead stylist Odile Gilbert for Sebastian Professional and salon owner and show haircolorist for Wella Professionals Eva Scrivo, who teamed up to create "rockabilly
Designer Alexander Wang backstage
on Sep 08, 2008
Alexander Wang Alexander Wang backstage As Hurricane Hannah descended on Manhattan on Saturday afternoon, bringing torrential rain and wind, I joined the other "drowned rats" attending the Alexander Wang show at Eye Beam in Chelsea. Little did the guests know they were right in step with the wet, just-been-to
    Sebastian Professional lead stylist Thomas Dunkin, styling a model's hair at What Comes Around Goes Around
on Sep 08, 2008
Sebastian Professional lead stylist Thomas Dunkin backstage at What Comes Around Goes Around What Comes Around Goes Around Hi! Lotus Abrams here, American Salon's managing editor. This is my first post on our brand-new blog! Fashion Week is off and running and all of the editors here are racing from show to show to
on Sep 01, 2008
PARIS MATCH CND's fearless fashionista Jan Arnold kept a diary for us when she finally made it to Paris for fashion week. I've been to New York City during fashion week for years, and what I've noticed is that the city seems fairly oblivious to the fact that fashion week is even in town. In
on Sep 01, 2008
Museums, Federico Fellini films, Prada boutiques and the interiors of Ferraris may not seem like obvious choices to find inspiration for salon design, but those are the exact places salon owner Cristiano Cora looked to while conceiving Cristiano Cora Studio, which opened in February in Manhattan's Union Square