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Marianne Dougherty

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on Mar 01, 2007
When we redesigned American Salon in January, we had no idea how you'd respond, but, to paraphrase Sally Field, "You like us, you really like us." One reader wrote in to say that when her husband saw her copy of the magazine, he remarked, "Imagine that, a beautiful, smiling girl who's not half naked on the cover
on Feb 01, 2007
Have you ever considered how important you are? As a beauty professional, you have the power to transform lives by making people feel better about themselves, a bit more confident perhaps. Matrix's motivational psychologist Dr. Lew Losoncy and Joe Santy, vice president of education for Dennis Bernard Incorporated
on Jan 01, 2007
The last time American Salon had a face-lift, Bill Clinton was in office. Seems like a long time ago, doesn't it? Actually, it's been 10 years, which is probably too long, especially in our makeover-obsessed culture. You've probably noticed that we've got a new logo—check out our cover, which we shot right here in
on Dec 01, 2006
We're celebrating women in this issue for no other reason than that it's been a long time. More than a decade ago I wrote an article for this magazine that asked why there are so few famous female hairdressers, despite the fact that 80 percent of all hairdressers are female. The answer was complicated. Since that
on Dec 01, 2006
Just off Madison Avenue on 66th Street in Manhattan, you'll find an elegant white townhouse, home of Rosario Acquista's new namesake salon. While the exterior says Notting Hill, the interior is a bit more Continental. There are the clean Italian lines of the zebrawood reception desk—its honey-and brown-