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Marianne Dougherty

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on Sep 01, 2006
Patrick McIvor did his homework before opening his salon in Bethlehem, PA, which lies in the center of the state's Lehigh Valley region. Smaller than Allentown but larger than Easton, Bethlehem is the Lehigh Valley's second most populated city. According to McIvor, Bethlehem is one of the fastest-growing areas in
on Sep 01, 2006
At Bill Blass, models sported strong brows for fall, but it takes the right tools to shape and maintain them. Jane Iredale Super-Shape Me Eyebrow Kit, which is available in Blonde, Auburn and Brunette, contains brow wax to hold hairs in place, two micronized mineral brow powders to define and fill in sparse brows
on Sep 01, 2006
Sometimes life comes full circle. At least it has for me. In 1989 I visited my daughter Rachel in Los Angeles and fell in love with it. Later that year I quit my job at The Pittsburgh Press, sold my house, packed up my belongings and moved to Redondo Beach. I had no job there, not even a prospect, but I believed