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Mary Novitsky

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on Oct 01, 2005
Is your idea of "internal marketing" a dull-as-dishwater company newsletter or a monthly promotional piece slapped on a bulletin board in the back of your salon? If you're like many business owners, you might assume that internal marketing is in the realm of corporate HR. But according to Susan M. Drake, co-author
on Oct 01, 2005
As this issue of American Salon goes to press in early September, a scant two weeks after thousands of people in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi found themselves homeless, helpless and in desperate need of assistance in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, a sense of hope is finally beginning to emerge in this
on Sep 01, 2005
Clients may fight frizzies in summer and flyaways in winter, but no matter what time of year, their hands always take a beating. With this in mind, Simone, director of reflexology and nail services at New York City's Gil Ferrer Salon, has turned her attention to hand-care services that can be targeted to
on Sep 01, 2005
Ask any stylist and they'll tell you cutting kids' hair is easy—once you've learned every last trick in the book for helping them stay still and safe in your styling chair. Ivan Zoot, education and training manager at Andis, has added loads of tricks to his already bulging bag by listening to ideas from his audiences
on Jul 01, 2005
As diamonds are forever, so is the sexy, sophisticated, retro-edge glamour behind Jewelled, Kathryn Longmuir of Ishoka's winning collection from the 2004-2005 British Hairdressing Awards-Afro Hairdresser of the Year. Fusing a traditional style of