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Nicole Palmieri

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on Dec 01, 2008
Referred to as "The City of Murals" for the more than 25 murals found in the downtown area, Steubenville, Ohio, is known for its steel and manufacturing economy and for its historic sites that date back to the days of frontier life and early settlement. Locals looking for a taste of modern life flock to Legal Hair and Day
on Dec 01, 2008
SHORT CUTS Primitives, the Autumn/Winter 2008 collection from Mic Styling Academy in Slovenia, features a range of shorter haircuts designed to express sensuality and a natural, primitive look. Nordic blonde tones were used to enrich summer hair colors and complement the natural shade. —M.D
on Nov 01, 2008
When it came time to create a business card, Natasha Sunshine, owner of Byu-ti Hair Therapy in Santa Monica, CA, sought the expertise of her husband, graphic designer Dario Antonioni. They decided to include important information, such as the service provider's name and salon address, in Century Gothic font, then added a
on Nov 01, 2008
  1. Reaction Salon   Having a well-defined vision—and the discipline to go after that vision—is what Reaction owner and business director Jeff Hankins believes makes the salon so successful. "We are all focused on high standards here," says Hankins, who founded the salon with his wife, Tina. "We don't
on Oct 01, 2008
The birthplace of several notable figures, such as writer Ernest Hemingway, actor Bob Newhart and McDonald's founder Ray Kroc, Oak Park, IL, is a suburb of Chicago known for its historical homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and its growing arts and culture scene. Known around the town for its art of hair is Victoria