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on Mar 01, 2006
Some people learn by seeing, others by doing. If you fall into the latter category, IBS New York has something for you. At this year's event, held April 30 to May 2, we offer some special opportunities to learn with the best in our highly interactive hands-on workshops. You'll be able to closely observe techniques
on Feb 01, 2006
How much time and attention do you give to pricing? Do you simply dust off the old price list once in a blue moon and think about whether to increase it or not? According to Andrew Finkelstein, founder of The Beauty Resource (, a consulting, coaching and educational company for salon and
on Feb 01, 2006
True artists take inspiration from many sources and incorporate them into their work. This spring, April 30 to May 2, you'll have the opportunity to see a diversity of talent on the IBS New York Main Stage. The lineup will include: Nick Arrojo and Arrojo Studio Team presenting Summer Trends. Nick
on Jan 01, 2006
Is your salon's compensation plan profitable to your business, or is it costing you dearly in terms of your staff and your success? "The beauty industry has some of the highest payroll expenses of any other type of business," explains Bryan Durocher, founder of Durocher Enterprises, a coaching and consulting firm
on Dec 01, 2005
If your New Year's resolution includes inspiring and practical education, make yourself a note now. IBS New York takes place April 30 to May 2, 2006, and a group of outstanding educators are being confirmed as this issue of American Salon goes to press. The following New York City salon owners are on the