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Robbin McClain

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on Nov 01, 2005
In its 80-plus years, the International Beauty Show in New York has gained a reputation for its stellar educational lineup. From razor cuts to high-lift color techniques, IBS New York delivers education that stylists need and want year after year. Not only do we bring the best-of-the-best platform artists, we
on Oct 01, 2005
Ask top hairdressers where they get their creative inspiration and many mention the great cities of the world. Odile Gilbert likes to hit the streets of Tokyo to see the latest innovative hair statements. Serge Normant seeks out Rome or an outdoor café in Paris where he can watch the world go by. And for
on Sep 01, 2005
Fall has always been my favorite time of year. There's a sense of excitement in the air, and the promise of new beginnings. I made a big life change one September when I moved to New York City to start my publishing career. Now I'm about to make another as I take on the role of Beauty Group Director, Business
on Aug 01, 2005
During the International Beauty Show in New York this past April, I met a salon owner who was beyond frustrated. She had owned her business for some years and had worked hard at making it a success. Yet the same problems—staffing, financial growth, client retention—remained constant. "I'm thinking of
on Jul 01, 2005
Like so many of you, Serge Normant knew from an early age that he wanted to be a hairdresser. Growing up in the suburbs of Paris, he learned about high fashion from the couture shoots he saw in his mother's fashion magazines and from Hollywood via the big screen. After a two-year apprenticeship at a local salon,