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Robbin McClain

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on Mar 01, 2005
The Beauty Box. Diva Studio. Hannah and her Scissors. Each a salon, each very different from the others. And that individuality is one thing that has always fascinated me about this industry. A successful salon business can be a large bustling place or a small intimate hideaway. It can offer many services or just
on Feb 01, 2005
In today's competitive market, clients want more than great customer service—they want an experience. "It's not enough to simply think out of the box," says Noreen Young, author of Entertaining in Your Salon (Glamour Group Publishing, 2004). "Salon owners need to dream up even more ways to build loyalty by
on Feb 01, 2005
I received an interesting letter recently from a student at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA. Erica Hampton wrote to make a point I've heard many times before. Robbin McClain Erica's roommate Kelly wanted to have her hair cut and styled, but was concerned that none of the salons in the area would know
on Dec 01, 2002
More than 2,700 beauty professionals from 42 countries attended the Farouk Systems USA's 13th Annual Conference in Cancun, Mexico. The international sales and educational conference's theme was It's All About You, which reflects the company's recognition of everyone involved in the growth and success of the company.
on Oct 01, 2002
The stars of the salon world came out to help American Salon celebrate its 125th anniversary in Vegas during HairWorld 2002. The par-tay, held at hot spot Ghostbar in the new Palms Casino, gave hairdressers, manufacturers, and distributors the opportunity to honor the magazine's history, enjoy present friends,