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DJ Muldoon

DJ Muldoon is definitely a man with a plan. “I want to better the industry by sharing my expertise and skills with the masses,” says Muldoon, who recently opened his own salon and education center in Southern California. A second-generation stylist who hails from the United Kingdom, Muldoon is a big believer that the more education stylists get, the stronger their confidence becomes in cutting hair. “Knowledge destroys fear,” he says. Truer words have never been spoken. ✂ —Kelley Donahue




What inspires you?
Bauhaus, the German art school—its form, function and philosophy—as well as design, music and my peers

Beauty is definitely in my bloodline. My father is a hairdresser and I grew up in the industry, so on some level I always knew it was my destiny. 

I attended the Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, CA, where I trained to become a haircutting teacher.

I love the 1960s and ’70s for the freshness in haircutting and techniques that were ushered in. I’m also fond of the ’90s—to me there’s nothing more genius than Tim Hartley’s bias cutting technique that debuted in that time frame. .

My Nic QX scissors, a green Cesibon comb and Y.S. Park clips. They make hair artistry possible.

I’ve had many mentors throughout the years, but the one who stands out the most to me now is Tim Hartley. He single-handedly helped shape and mold me into the artist I am today. Kudos also to Traci Sakosits and Julian Perlingiero, who trained me at Sassoon Academy.

Having worked for a number of companies, my biggest challenge now as an independent artist is carving out my place as an educator. For many years, it’s been a dream to do what I love without bringing products into the mix. Sharing my knowledge and passion independently is a huge reward.

My first year as a teacher at Sassoon Academy, a student pulled me aside and told me I needed to “stop tap dancing and showing off and make it about the student.” I took those words to heart and was named Teacher of the Year. 

In life, my biggest accomplishment is being a parent. Professionally, it’s becoming a teacher at Sassoon Academy, traveling the world cutting hair, opening a salon and winning a Hairbrained Video Award at IBS — New York this year.

Expanding my educational brand, TheFactory—a creative hair production space in San Diego—and representing the haircutter at trade shows and classes around the world. 

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