Hanna Compton: Week 11

I got to try a lot of new things this week that I really enjoyed. I did a really nice platinum card on one of my clients that came out what I like to call the perfect "California Blonde" color that looked reallly natural and great on the client. Another client I got to do a full head foil highlight on. Her hair was a dark brown and we weaved about 50% of her hair to a light blonde then toned it to a light brown color. It took all day but the client was really patient and friendly and she loved the way it came out. She gave me an awesome tip too. It was weird there was like a pattern each day. One day there were all these women going blonde, the next day all these women going red, then the next day more women going blonde again. Haha.

I want to give kudos to my friend and classmate Lauren who did her first real perm on an actual client this week. It turned out sooo good and the lady even told her that it was the best perm she had ever gotten.

Also, I was accepted into Student Council. So I've been going to the meetings and trying to get everyone involved in our theme days and events. We have some rad events coming up. We're having a potluck (my idea) the day before thanksgiving and on friday after thanksgiving our theme day is Jersey Day / Sports Day and we're having a tailgate party that day as well. So just lots of new ideas flowing in and trying to get everyone involved. I really like it.

Also for our Guest Speaker event our learning Leaders put us in groups and each group got a picture from a magazine and had to do the hair and makeup like the picture and make the clothes out of newspaper. It was really cool and people came up with some really creative stuff. We had a mini fashion show afterwards too.

Things are going by so fast. To think I just started in September and I'm taking all these clients now and loving it! Still, I can't wait to graduate and get started in my career.

Till next week,

Hanna Compton <3