The Kevin.Murphy.White.Box Event


Early this June, over 500 people from 14 countries gathered in Stockholm, Sweden for the Kevin.Murphy.White.Box event, a live two-day seminar teaching professional stylists how to market, choose the right products, and organizing shows and photo shoots.

As part of the event, 130 VIP attendees attended a brand-building seminar presented by Kevin Murphy, session stylist Carl Reeves, and international stylist David Glover.. The lucky few were then invited to watch and take photos of 18 professional hair artists backstage before sitting in on a full rehearsal of the final showcase.

Before the big finale, 250 people attended Shoot.Me, a demonstration by Murphy and Reeves that revealed the latest collection; photographed by Luis Montero.

Concluding the White.Box event, Murphy and Reeves presented their Somento, Twist and Emo collection, inspired by current hair trends seen at all the 2013 fashion weeks and photo shoots, encouraging attendees to participate in the final retouching before the show that evening.