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New from John Paul Mitchell Systems comes the Tea Tree Father's Day Gift Set-sure to get him going in the morning. The set includes Tea Tree Special Shampoo, new Tea Tree Grooming Pomade, and a free Tea Tree travel mug. For more information, ask your John Paul Mitchell Systems salon consultant or distributor.













New to the Arum Spa Therapy Line, the Arum Tea Tree collection was developed to provide essential healing properties to everyday cleansing and styling. Its aroma, essential oils, botanical extracts, and invigorating essence create a luxurious spa experience for the client. The line includes Arum Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner, Therapeutic Drops, a hair and body treatment, Therapeutic Contouring Gel, Concluding Spritz, and Invigorating Body Wash. Also available are 10- and 30-ml bottles of Tea Tree Oil. (800) 237-9175.





Bosley has two kits to help your clients treat thinning hair and hair loss: The Bosley Healthy Hair Complex Kit for Men and The Bosley Healthy Hair Complex Kit for Women. Each kit is packed with powerful products like Hair & Scalp Cleanser, Hair & Scalp Conditioner, Liquid Styling Gel, and Style Glaze Treatment. Each is formulated to maximize the results of the Bosley Hair Regrowth Treatment and contains the Bosley Complex. (800) 978-8776.





The CHI Transformation System is designed to permanently transform frizzy, curly, or coarse hair into silky, beautiful, and straighter hair with no ammonia and no harsh odors. The system creates amazing results with the help of ceramic heat, negative ions, pure natural silk, and cationic hydration interlink. The 10-step, two-hour process infuses silk into the hair for soft, shiny, manageable, resilient results. (800) 237-9175.




5. KMS

At the Australian Hair Fashion Awards in February, KMS's new Turnstylr line won the Best New Product category and was launched in the domestic market in March. The Turnstylr line includes Sea Salt Spray, Cleansing Spray, All Wet Spray, and Revival Cr%. (800) 342-5567.













From Creative Nail Design comes the Lulu French Enamel Kit, the most extensive kit of French Manicure shades ever offered. The new collection includes 12 shades, with eight new enamels joining four core enamels. (800) 833-NAIL.

















Revlon Realistic, one of the first no-lye relaxer systems, introduces four new formulas designed to release natural curls gently and safely while maintaining bounce, body, and shine. Two of the formulas are designed for the first time specifically for Hispanic women while the others are two new relaxers for African-American women. Each of the systems allows women to achieve the "straight look" safely at home while making the hair stronger, healthier, and more manageable. (800) 223-2339.





Andis Company's new Cool Care Plus cools down clippers with one quick spray and takes care of blade maintenance without removing the blades from the clipper. Cool Care Plus is specially formulated to disinfect and lubricate the clippers while the high-pressure aerosol spray cleans hair out of the blade teeth. It also includes a rust preventative and a disinfectant that protects against viruses, fungi, bacteria, and tuberculosis. Also from Andis comes Ultraedge professional styling blades that stay sharper longer because they are manufactured using an exclusive carburized hardening process, which extends the life of the blade. They come in 21 sizes and can be used with many clipper models. (800) 558-9441.





Moujan 2000 from T.R. International offers an easy, effective, and natural way to clear unwanted hair from anywhere on the body. Some items from the product line include the Moujan Cold and Hot Wax Kit, Press-On Pull-Off Pre-Waxed Strips for Body, Press-On Pull-Off Pre-Waxed Strips for Face, and Moujan After Wax Lotion. For more information, call (800) 446-3998.





Sun, wind, salt, and chlorine can leave hair hot and bothered. Sun Shape Sun Milk is a leave-in, waterproof protector for hair that shields against chlorine, UV rays, and salt damage. (800) REDKEN-8.



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