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  1. Wintry Glow

    flyers and social media pages.; —N.A. Photography: VEER 01-Dec-2014 ...

    jrhoten - 2014-12-08 22:04

  2. Prep School

    of classic, contemporary and highly textured haircuts, seen on these pages. “Partnering with David ...

    jrhoten - 2014-12-07 02:02

  3. Timeless Takes

    these pages. “The idea was to spotlight that bygone era but make the story relevant for today’s clients ...

    jrhoten - 2014-12-07 02:58

  4. Soft Rock

    blondes, seen exclusively on these pages, Keratin Complex International Creative Team Member Abraham ...

    jrhoten - 2014-12-07 12:27

  5. October Fest

    dimensions. Also on tap was a sneak peek at Goldwell’s new image (see page 114) and the crowning of the Global ...

    jrhoten - 2014-12-07 01:50

  6. Celebrity colorist Tracey Cunningham shares her top holiday hair tips

    the client are on the same page when discussing terms such as honey blonde or scarlet red,” she says. ...

    kmurray - 2014-12-02 16:08

  7. Headmasters- Antonio Corral Calero

    one-on-one time with my team before the show to make sure everyone is on the same page with the look and ...

    jrhoten - 2014-11-11 17:35

  8. Striking Balance

    collection from Vivienne Mackinder, seen exclusively on these pages, brings something basic—chalk—to a higher ...

    jrhoten - 2014-11-09 21:38

  9. Shave the Date

    Facebook page. I’d love to stay and chat but I really “mus-tache.” ✂ —Brett Vinovich, publisher, ...

    jrhoten - 2014-11-09 23:39

  10. CND Has Teamed up with Loxa Beauty for the Ultimate Retail Experience

    Beginning this week, the product page for VINYLUX Weekly Polish will feature a "Buy Now" option ...

    lbruckenstein - 2014-11-06 10:12