The holidays are here, which means lots of parties and requests from clients who want to do something more glamorous with their nails.

In the war against aging, helping clients achieve youthful skin is a constant battle with an arsenal of products.

The number of companies adopting environmentally friendly initiatives is growing exponentially. 

Sure, there are things every brow expert should do to stay on top of their brow game…check out social media trends, models, editorial and celebrities.  And,…

A roundup of the must-have new products we liked this month. 

Tired, lackluster skin now has a fast-acting pick-me-up. New Charcoal Rescue Masque from Dermalogica®, set for a United States launch in November 2015,…

Repêchage Professional Skin Care ventured to Philadelphia to introduce the latest in skin care trends and the newest developments from Repêchage!