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Amit Abraham

Mercedes-Benz Fall/Winter 2014 Fashion Week: Bibhu Mohapatra

Feb 19 2014 | By Contributor
An elegant updo by L’Oréal Professionnel Artist Amit Abraham complemented the Tibetan-inspired gowns and prints from Bibhu Mohapatra’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection. “The upswept style we created is a...
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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2013 NYC: Bibhu Mohapatra

Feb 15 2013 | By Kristen Heinzinger
Bibhu Mohapatra’s fall 2013 collection recalled 1930s-era style, especially legendary photographer Man Ray's photos of his Parisian muses Kiki du Montparnasse and Lee Miller. Incorporating these ’30s...
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Mercedes-Benz Spring 2013 Fashion Week: Bibhu Mohapatra

Sep 13 2012 | By Contributor
At Bibhu Mohapatra’s runway show, he called upon Amit Abraham for L’Oréal Professsionnel to translate his symbolism of a luna moth and the transformation of a woman from his new collection into the...
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Mercedes-Benz Fall 2012 Fashion Week NYC: Bibhu Mohapatra

Feb 15 2012 | By Jolene Turner
With a totally Asian-inspired, modern Fall 2012 collection Designer Bibhu Mohapatra looked to L'Oréal Professionnel Master Session Artist Amit Abraham to create a beautiful, sleek look fitting of the...
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Iconic Hairdressers Promote Emiliani's The 4th Dimension

Feb 03 2012 | By Jolene Turner
Some of the world’s best hairdressers met in New York City on February 1, and on the 2nd in Atlantic City, NJ, to promote this spring’s The 4th Dimension: The Day of the Hair Dresser show, produced...
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Mercedes-Benz Spring '12 Fashion Week NYC: Elene Cassis

Sep 17 2011 | By Lori Morris
Lead hairstylist Amit Abraham for L'Oreal Professionnel was greatly inspired by the geometry and texture of the fabrics used in Elene Cassis' spring 2012 collection. "You don't usually see a lot of...
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Mercedes-Benz Spring '11 Fashion Week NYC: Elene Cassis

Sep 16 2010 | By Lotus Abrams
Backstage at the Elene Cassis show, lead stylist for L'Oréal Professionnel Amit Abraham told me he was calling the hair look—an airy diagonal French twist—an "'American Twist,' because everything is...
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