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Chris Benz


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2013 NYC: Chris Benz

Sep 11 2012 | By Lotus Abrams
When designer Chris Benz told lead hairstylist Nick Irwin, TIGI creative director, his ideas for the hair for his spring 2013 collection, which included references to Japanese school girls, zombies...
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Lead stylist at Chris Benz

Mercedes-Benz Fall 2012 Fashion Week NYC: Chris Benz

Feb 13 2012 | By Contributor
This season Chriz Benz delivered his signature color-and-texture extravaganza. Full skirts pumped up with ample pleats and layers of tulle, cropped jackets either in fur or fuzzy wool and the ever-...
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Mercedes-Benz Spring ’12 Fashion Week NYC: Chris Benz

Sep 13 2011 | By Lisa Bruckenstein
At the Chris Benz show, the collection was part 1960's lady and part trashy glam. Bold colors and chic prints were front and center, but backstage Nick Irwin and DJ Riggs, lead stylists for TIGI,...
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Mercedes-Benz Fall ‘11 Fashion Week NYC: Chris Benz

Feb 15 2011 | By Lori Morris
The inspiration for Chris Benz's fall 2011 show was ghosts of Savannah, so haunting hair and makeup ruled the runway. John Ruidant for Redken created wispy, "witchy" waves using a curling iron...
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Mercedes-Benz Spring ‘11 Fashion Week NYC: Chris Benz

Sep 14 2010 | By Lori Morris
French '60s pop singer France Gall provided the inspiration for the beauty looks at the Chris Benz show. Lead stylist for Redken John Ruidant interpreted that as a girl riding through Paris on the...
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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall '10 NYC: Chris Benz

Feb 16 2010 | By Lotus Abrams
The Chris Benz fall '10 presentation The Chris Benz fall '10 show featured brightly colored pieces in a rainbow of shades, many adorned with sparkling crystals and beads or vibrantly hued fur...
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