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Napoleon Perdis Keeps an Eye on Different Cities

Oct 27 2010 | By Guest Artist
People always ask me if there are regional differences when it comes to women and their makeup. And it’s true that what rates highly in one state may not be the same in another. Texan women adore my...
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The new eye, lip and brow pencil collection from Napoleon Perdis

Napoleon Perdis Helps You Sharpen Your Pencil Techniques

Jul 27 2010 | By Guest Artist
Life’s a little more fun when you read between the lines—especially if those lines are composed of zinging color. With this in mind, I’ve just launched a new pencil collection with arresting shades...
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Napoleon Perdis Shares the Bare Truth About Nude Lips

May 27 2010 | By Guest Artist
Erykah Badu raised eyebrows recently in her striptease video, Window Seat, but what about when a client wants to go nude? I say go ahead—but, of course, I’m referring to nude lips. There is something...
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