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Mercedes-Benz Fall 2012 Fashion Week NYC: Preen

Feb 13 2012 | By Contributor
Designers Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi created a vintage revival of sorts with the Preen fall 2012 collection, which they said, “harkens back to the 60’s couture silhouette and color blocking.”...
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Mercedes-Benz Spring ’12 Fashion Week NYC: Preen

Sep 13 2011 | By Contributor
Paul Hanlon for Aveda explaining his concept for hair backstage at Preen's spring show This year's Preen spring show at the IAC building was all about Victorian-era inspiration combined with a...
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Mercedes-Benz Spring '11 Fashion Week NYC: Preen

Sep 12 2010 | By Lotus Abrams
Sixties-inspired fringe bangs with rounded edges played a big part in the hair look—created by Luke Hersheson for Redken—at Preen's Milk Studios show. To get the look, Hersheson parted the hair in...
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