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aug 2005


Aug 01 2005 | By
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Going Live

Aug 01 2005 | By Darice Gall
Ft. Lauderdale and New York will host the first two of American Salon's Operating Instructions—Live! conferences this September. These two-day meetings will be jam-packed with...
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Aug 01 2005 | By American Salon Staff
1 DENNIS BERNARD Protect your clients from any unpleasant effects with STB Stop the Burn treatment. STB prevents burning, itching and scalp irritation on clients who are...
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More Than Just a Pretty Face

Aug 01 2005 | By Bonnie Gibbs
The Jetsons made life look so easy—everything from commuting to work to making a soufflé could be done with a push of a...
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Aug 01 2005 | By Brett Vinovich
I was in New York recently for the grand opening of the Arrojo Color Studio in Soho. Nick Arrojo, as you may know, stars in the hit TV series What Not to Wear. He's also the special creative...
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Frédéric shares how great salon managers helped make his business go a long way.

Aug 01 2005 | By Frédéric Fekkai
Years ago, as my business began to flourish and I became more successful, work taught me a very valuable lesson: I could either delegate tasks or continue trying to be all things to all...
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Whether you're a seasoned salon pro or a neophyte, knowing the very basics of business goes a long way toward keeping your goals and expectations on track.

Aug 01 2005 | By Ruth Roche
Opening my salon 2½ years ago has been, by far, the biggest challenge of my career, and I couldn't have done it without the help of my friend and colleague Matthew Fairfax. He has made...
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Even if you're not blessed with naturally great skin, there are lots of options out there to help. Billy B. shares a few.

Aug 01 2005 | By Billy B.
As a makeup artist who has been in the business a long time, one of the things I've learned is the need to constantly reinvent yourself and think of the same thing in different, new ways....
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Fresh Paint

Aug 01 2005 | By Kelley Donahue
When it comes to delivering instant gratification, LA's newest bastion of beauty on trendy West Melrose Avenue is literally hands and feet above the rest. Varnish—the brainchild of...
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Business of Beauty, Beauty of Business

Aug 01 2005 | By Robbin McClain
During the International Beauty Show in New York this past April, I met a salon owner who was beyond frustrated. She had owned her business for some years and had worked hard at making it a...
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