Kristen Heinzinger

Senior Editor

Kristen Heinzinger

Kristen Heinzinger is the Senior Editor of American Salon. She has a fashion and beauty background, most recently as the Senior Editor of The Daily Front Row where she covered fashion, beauty, luxury, and celebrity. After graduating from Boston University with a journalism degree, Kristen began her career at American Salon, and has held a range of editorial roles at the magazine. Alongside searching for the latest greatest in beauty, she is obsessed with replicating NYT recipes (and enjoying the finished product), memoirs, and traveling the world.


Stories by Kristen Heinzinger

Collective Soul

For Howard McLaren—hairstylist, creative director, educator, photographer, videographer and engineer—art takes many forms.

It seems as if Tev Finger, CEO of R+Co’s parent company Luxury Brand Partners, made the...

Though he operates his salon in a small town—New Hope, PA—Matt Beck makes it his business to think big. As a stylist, business coach and mentor, he’s devoted the...
Man Up

Diana Schmidtke is a Los Angeles-based session stylist who makes hot men like Jon Hamm and Chris Hemsworth even hotter. Follow her advice, and your male clients will be...