Hairbrained Quick-Tips: Salon Friendly Stretches

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Hairdressing is both physically and mentally demanding; the day-to-day rigors can take their toll on your body, and your mind. From Repetitive Strain Injuries to locked joints in the neck and spine, injuries sustained while standing behind the chair can prevent you from enjoying your craft. Luckily, a little bit of focus and attention can go a long way in helping you to tackle long days spent at the salon. Using easy to follow techniques, you can help to reduce fatigue, and treat chronic pain.  

Here, Katrina Nguyen, Hairdresser and Owner of DVLPMNT Lifestyle, shares her simple tips and tricks for keeping your mind clear – and your body in its peak physical condition.

Tip 1: Chair stretch. A standing chair stretch can help to relieve muscular tension in your torso and upper back. In fact, this simple stretch can help to create space from the hips, all the way up to the neck area.   

Using your salon chair as an anchor point, place both of your hands on the back of the chair, and hinge from the hips. Next, pull from your tailbone, making sure to keep your spine straight, and your back flat. In this position, your chest should be parallel to the ground. Hold the stretch for twenty to thirty seconds.     

Tip 2: Eagle pose. Done consistently and properly, a simple eagle pose can help to open shoulder joints, and effectively create space between the shoulder blades (an area that can be negatively impacted by long hours spent standing behind the chair).

To accomplish this pose, extend your arms straight in front of your body, and drop your left arm under your right. Bend your elbows, and raise your forearms perpendicular to the floor. Wrap your arms and hands, and press your palms together. Gently lift your elbows, and reach your fingertips to the ceiling. Remember to keep your shoulder blades pressing down your back, towards your waist. Repeat on the opposite side.

Tip 3: Shoulder stretch. Shoulder stretches can help to increase the flexibility, plus range of motion in your shoulders. Additionally, you might find that these stretches can lead to better posture, improved blood circulation, and a reduction of tension. The best part is that shoulder stretches can be done at anytime, anywhere. Here’s how.    

Stand up straight, and move your shoulders down and away from your ears. Next, bring one arm across your chest. Using the opposite arm, grab behind the elbow, and gently push the arm further into the chest. Repeat on the opposite side.

Remember, maintaining a healthy diet and engaging in regular exercise will keep your body in its best shape – but it will also help you to maintain your sense of emotional well being. So don’t forget to move with purpose – and keep your eye out for more healthy living tips and tricks from Katrina!

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