Sam's Playlist - How To Create Curls That Hold Using a Blow Dryer & Round Brush

Sam Villa Introduces the Show Ambassador Team

We've all experienced it before - you work hard to create curls with your round brush only to see part of the curls have collapsed half-way through your finish. How can you get the curls to stay in without falling out? In the video above Sam shows you how to use your blow dryer and round brush along with a twisting technique to create curls that have time to set and will be sure to last throughout the day! Watch now and learn how you can lock-in your curls.

Now that you know how to create curls with a round brush check out this video to discover a new way to create loose waves with your styling brush and a blow dryer!  

About: Sam Villa is founding partner of the Sam Villa brand (Allvus, LLC), designed to bring “More Sam to More People.”  The educational world of this Favorite Platform Artist and Educator (2012, 2011 and 2007), Favorite Overall Educator of the Year (2015) and Education Artistic Director for Redken 5th Avenue, can be experienced on


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