Voices That Matter: Ann Mincey

In our latest Voices That Matter, master colorist David Stanko talks to industry icon Ann Mincey about working together at Redken, being yoga buddies and best practices for growing your salon business. She discusses the importance of taking responsibility, stepping up, networking to bring in potential new business and new clients, the best ways to show gratitude to clients and advice for newbie hairdressers who want to build successful, thriving careers. The author of Get Glowing has spent over 30 years with Redken, starting as a receptionist in 1975 and working her way up to VP of Global Communications, from which she retired in 2009.

About: A haircolor consultant for Redken 5th Avenue, spokesperson for haircolor - and NYC based salon colorist at the new LICARI-CUTLER NYC Salon on 5th & 54th Street.  David Stanko has developed, evaluated, launched and taught professional haircolor all around the world.  He is an author, DVD star and ambassador for haircolor - the demand for his signature classes has increased.  Attendance at his in-salon, distributor-related and international appearances are at an all-time high.