Why We Love Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is essentially thought of as the digital land of pretty things and weekend-long DIY projects, but we it love for so much more. Here are some of the key reasons we think Pinterest should be in your 2017 marketing plans: 

It’s a digital, searchable portfolio

When you pin your own content, nearly every word is the equivalent of a hashtag on Instagram- meaning that all content is searchable from pin descriptions. Who doesn’t love that kind of simplicity when trying to attract a wider audience?

It’s the perfect balance to other social platforms

While Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. are all revolved around the most current content—Pinterest posts (Pins) garner more traffic with time. The longer a post has been on Pinterest, the higher the chance that it will be found, pinned and favorited by fellow pinners. On Instagram, your highest chance of engagement is within the first 12 hours. After that, the post is not seen as current and the visibility of the post in your followers feed it buried by more recent posts.

It’s got killer SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Pinterest joined the social game back in March 2010 and has been unique in that every single post can have an individual link (or backlink) to your site. Not only does having these powerful links make your SEO more effective, it also helps your SEO to have links referring to your site because it makes search engines like Google and Bing see your site as a content source and will help your business rank better overall across search engines.

It’s probably already a fave of your clients

Chances are, most of your clients are already coming to you with pins and plans for their dream hair. Why not use it to let clients find you and your epic work? Our team loves to pin their work with their custom watermarks so they have digital business cards all over the web. 

Position Yourself as an Expert

When you refer new or existing clients to your Pinterest page, there is something exciting about knowing your stylist is a content creator. Why not use the platform as a means to share educational information about your specialty and what your clients will experience when they sit in your chair? Win-win. 

It’s a means of Creating a Customized Portfolio

The beauty of Pinterest is that it allows you to curate your work even further than you can on other visual platforms link Instagram. With Boards, you can separate your work into chapters, organize by types of cuts, coloring techniques and shades of manes. We love integrating these digital portfolios into the consultation process to better communicate and understand what a client is looking for. What does “medium length” mean to you? How about “beige-y blonde”? Having your Pinterest act as an organized digital book of your creations will help you bring in new and recurring clients before you know it.

For information on setting up a Pinterest Business account (or converting your own), click here: https://business.pinterest.com/