3 Fundamental Factors for Success

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“I don’t want salon owners to work more or harder, I want them to work less so they can create more. It’s a way of life,” says Ronit Enos, who owned Maxime Salon in Boston, a six-figure net profit enterprise and winner of multiple awards. “If you work behind the chair all day, you have a chair, not a company. I want them to think and behave like successful business owners, and that means having enough personal time to rejuvenate mentally, physically and emotionally.” If that resonates with you, then you’ll devour Enos’ three fundamental factors for success.

Clarity and Goals To be successful, an owner must have clarity on how their business serves their personal goals and how to translate their business systems into making money, so they can have more free time.

Profit First Following the Mike Michalowicz profit-first method, owners need systems for building business that create long-term success. Account for profit, taxes and owner’s pay, and what’s leftover is to spend on everything else. Clarity on the financials reduces stress and the unknown.


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Blueprint to Action There must be an actionable plan in place with the resources and tools needed for implementation.

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