Artist Stories: D.J. Muldoon

Knowledge Destroys Fear

Independent educator and artist D.J. Muldoon has managed to create a significant presence and growing loyal following without the support of a manufacturer.  Known and respected globally thanks in part to his engaging presence across social media platforms (as well as enormous talents), D.J is a second-generation haircutter with a passion for both the craft and the education required to support it.  


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With roots firmly planted in the global Sassoon culture, D.J. has been at the forefront of the independent artist movement that has grown very much out of social media, including being an early and leading member of the community.  His early live streaming of haircuts as well as his technical videos caught the attention of thousands of professionals. His Factory Salon and educational space speaks volumes about his love of teaching as much as his love of working with clients. And his frequent Instagram posts that include his beloved daughter Mee - give us an ongoing glimpse into the personal side of this at times quiet artist. 

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