Artist Stories: Douglas McCoy, House of POp

Andy Warhol is recognized as one of the world’s most important and transformative contemporary artists. He changed the way the world looked at art and opened the door for emerging artists to turn many an old school idea on its head. Without Warhol, there would be no House of POp; and without House of POp, the Douglas McCoy many of us have come to know and respect might not exist.

I first met Spokane, Washington’s Douglas McCoy and his House of POp brand three years ago during the first Hairbrained Meet Up  (at ISSE Long Beach). He was a prominent member of a growing community of artists and thought leaders.  Given his penchant for pop art in his hair-related photography and videography, he was someone I immediately pegged as “the Andy Warhol of hair “(not yet knowing that Warhol was a hero of McCoy). 


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Not long after, Douglas was awarded the first Hb Video of the Year Award.  Since then he’s gone on to open his first salon (House of POp) and continues to create and share his art.   He was featured in the June edition of American Salon, and during this year’s IBS NYC, we interviewed Douglas as part of our Artist Stories video series, featured above.

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