Artist Stories: Martin Parsons

This week, our Artist Stories video is with none other than the "artist's artist"—the iconic Martin Parsons. Parsons' presence has graced the stages of just about every important beauty event in the industry. He's been honored for his lifetime achievements by NAHA, named on list after list as one of the most important hairdressers of the past 50+ years, and most importantly, continues to present to standing room crowds across the globe. 

One can't think about "long hair" without immediately thinking of Parsons. He's not only the master of both the technical and artistic aspects of all things related to the category—he's a great career and business coach to his audiences as well. He's also one of the industry's greatest role models. In the best of ways, Parsons is "old school"—and by that I don’t mean someone who is stuck in the past, but rather someone who carries with him the lessons learned in a lifetime of doing hair that continue to matter today. From dressing for success to understanding the value of impeccable service and engaging guests in great conversation, Parsons proves again and again that success is in the details—whether it be in the art, craft or business of beauty.  


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P.S. I can't end without mentioning that Parsons is also one of the funniest people in the business. You don’t experience a Martin Parsons performance without learning something new and laughing (often at a recycled joke…that we all wait for!)  Whether on stage in front of thousands, in an intimate classroom or one-on-one (usually at a busy show), Parsons never fails to make me smile—and for that, he gets a bit of added respect. 

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