Best Advice: Charlie Price

This week's Best Advice is from Charlie Price, perhaps our favorite beauty bad boy and style junkie (which is also the name of his monthly audio blog). He is one of NAHA's most recognized artists, as well as a leading educator and platform artist.  Price is known for his in-your-face personality (and razor-sharp wit), as well as his love for the art and craft of hairdressing—and its connection to both culture and celebrity. He is also founder of the artist collective and online publication Beauty Underground.  

About: Gordon is Publisher/ VP of Digital at American Salon where he works with the entire editorial team as well as with the considerable resources of parent company Questex to bring you stories, resources and more, 24/7. Gordon can be found online at or as @gordnm on Instagram. In real-time, you can find Gordon at major beauty events where he often teaches classes on business and career development as well as best practices in digital and social media.  Email Gordon at [email protected]

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