Best of Masters: Trevor Sorbie

Sorbie, Trevor


Many years ago, when Winn Claybaugh asked people in the beauty industry who they considered to be a true master, Trevor Sorbie was the name that came up almost every time.

Shortly before celebrating 30 years in the hairdressing world, Trevor had already amassed a list of awards including four-time British Hairdresser of the Year, three-time London Hairdresser of the Year, and twice Avant-Garde Hairdresser of the Year.

Yet even after 30 years, Trevor was, in his own words, still learning new things, and his passion for the industry showed no signs of slowing down.

As one of the world's legendary greats, he truly earned his rightful place in the global hair industry. Interviewed by Kitty Victor in one of the earliest MASTERS recordings, this humble icon recalled his early days in the industry and what kept him excited after nearly three decades.

“The day Trevor Sorbie said yes to doing a MASTERS interview was a day I spent doing my happy dance,” Winn Claybaugh recalls. “ Hundreds of years from now, beauty industry professionals will still be studying this man.”

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