Beth Minardi: Business Tips

Having a business is like having a baby that takes a lot of energy, support, hard work and commitment in order to thrive for at least the first three years. Here are some tips on how to start a business:

- Let the people in your life know what to expect from you and your more limited availability (you may miss school plays, parties, late night movies, weekend getaways, etc.)

- You have to re-commit every day.


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- Build a strong foundation for your business needs.

- New endeavors cost money—don't expect to become rich for a long time.

- Be prepared for the unexpected.

- Never underestimate the importance of social media costs, publicity and your public image.

- In the customer service industry, everything the clients see, hear and smell matters—clean windows, fresh flowers, refreshments, immaculate walls and floors and creative sales supporting displays wet the clients' appetites and desire to purchase. Stay focused. A service business requires that you can focus 100% on client needs and expectations.

- Get sufficient rest, proper nutrition and pay attention to your health and image.

- Reignite your energy. Go for a walk, stretch, take yoga classes, or get a massage.

- Use your downtime properly.

- Image—How do you look? Clean, pressed, 100% aware and THERE for the client.

- Require that every support person and manager you hire is there to support the business and your ability to manage the business.

- Find the finest talent you can. Set ego aside and create a strong team (almost family) spirit amongst everyone who works with you.

- Constant, clear communication with your employees helps create a huge building block so you can move ahead together.

As the business succeeds, everyone there needs to understand that you are focused on the success of the business but also on their individual success.

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Beth Minardi

About: Beth Minardi has dedicated her professional life to the elevation of  salon haircolor to an art form.  For almost thirty years, she has worked both behind the chair as a star colorist, and has been instrumental in the development of several of the top color brands in use today.  Beth began her colorful career at Clairol, where she became director of education.  At Redken, she traveled, training thousands of color professionals, and penned the monthly Shades EQnewsletter. As an integral part of her current work at Joico, Beth created her own exclusive brand of professional Color:  Beth Minardi Signature Shades, a collection of 77 intermixable conditioning colors. With industry legend, Sam Brocato, she opened STUDIO B Hair, a salon oasis located on Manhattan's luxurious Upper East Side.  She continues to lecture and teach extensively.  Beth resides in New York City with her Poodle 'person,’ Mango.