Rebecca Taylor Talks Social Media and Fashion Color

When it comes to multi-tonal fashion hair color, Rebecca Taylor (@rebeccataylorhair) is our go-to girl. With more than half a million loyal Instagram followers and countless how-to videos under her belt, Taylor can add one more item to her list of accomplishments: becoming Redken’s Creative Colorist. Taylor sat down with American Salon to discuss her journey and offer advice on the business of social media.

Q What’s it like to work with an esteemed brand like Redken as their new Creative Colorist? 
I’m excited to partner with such a respected, progressive brand. I want to lend my expertise in creative color to help share techniques with Redken Artists and other stylists and improve on an already amazing line. 

Q How did you get to where you are now? 
I have almost obsessively focused on fashion color as my specialty for the last 13 years. I’ve been talking clients and models into getting this type of color way before it became as trendy as it now is. I researched everything I could find on the topic—from the correct way to lighten or prime hair, to the way hair physically absorbs direct dye, to how to remove or neutralize color when the client wants to return to a natural color. I have learned through trial and error, taking chances, and from every brand I possibly could. It’s safe to say I’ve tried them all in my quest for fashion color knowledge. I have also tried every application and technique and continue to do so. Now, as a full-time educator and Creative Colorist for Redken, I feel it is my responsibility to share everything I can.


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Q What role has social media played in your current career as a colorist?
Social media has changed everything for me. Exposure of my work, brand, personality and industry views has literally changed my life. I’ve been putting my work out into the world for a long time: when Myspace first hit the scene, then on Facebook and now on Instagram. When I still owned my salon in Florida, it helped me build a full clientele that kept me booked 8 to 10 months in advance. Eventually my work began circulating nationally and internationally, went viral at times, and got me the attention of manufactures and stylists. It has allowed me to create a position as an independent educator and market myself in ways never possible before.  

Q Let’s talk color—what is your favorite color in the City Beats collection? 
I love every color in the City Beats range and use them all regularly. Honestly I probably use clear the most to customize and pastelize so many different tones. I’m hoping to help develop new tones in the line sometime in the future to add to stylists’ color arsenal. The more options, the better.

Q Social media has become the new resume. What is your top advice for anyone trying to grow a clientele from their online work? 
My advice to stylists who have the desire to be recognized online is to be yourself, let your personality shine through and interact with your followers. Always be positive, real and uplifting. Build your skill set through education and perfecting your craft. Take the time to learn the basics of photography to capture beautiful imagery. Network and collaborate with other artists. Now because of social media, the world is a small town.  

Photography: Courtesy of Rebecca Taylor