A Tiny Beauty Oasis in the Middle of NYC—Little Space Salon

Patty Mocarski giving her client personalized attention

They say good things come in small packages, and Patty Mocarski, owner of Little Space Salon (@littlespacesalon), is counting on that old adage being true. Mocarski, one of Allure magazine’s Top Haircut Professionals, spent over a decade working in large, bustling salons in New York City. “I was craving a calmer, quieter energy, somewhere that I could just focus on my client and their hair,” says Mocarski. “I found myself saying, I just need a little space to take care of my clients. That’s when the name and concept came to me and I was on a mission to create an intimate, completely client-focused 

This past May, Mocarski made her diminutive dream come true by opening Little Space Salon in New York City’s Gramercy neighborhood. The entire space is just under 900 square feet and there’s a total of three chairs. “Clients love the vibe. They say it feels bright, cozy and warm,” she says, “like we’re just hanging out in my apartment.” Mocarski also notes that by having a super small salon space, she can control the energy more easily, give individual attention and offer more flexibility. “Keeping this a lean, mean, little hair machine makes managing the salon—from the financials to the clients—more streamlined and relaxing.”

The seating area is miniature, mod and mellow.


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When you’re working with such a small space, everything—from the décor to the product selection—has to be spot on. To keep the space light and breezy, Mocarski chose smaller, Mod-style furnishings with clean, neutral colors. “The seating area gives me so much joy. Each item has a story behind it,” says Mocarski. “The preserved moss wall hangings are a favorite of mine. They were a way to bring in some greenery without subjecting the poor plants to my deadly black thumb.” And her sister commissioned the canvas artwork that’s a copy of their mother’s handwriting, telling Mocarski to never doubt herself. “It’s a small and perfect reminder of my mother’s memory, and it’s also some really solid advice.”

ECRU New York’s straightforward approach works perfectly with Mocarski’s salon philosophy.

As for the salon’s premier brand, Mocarski had no doubt which line she would choose, ECRU New York. “It’s a brand just like me—no nonsense. I have a low tolerance for products that don’t deliver on their promise, and they always deliver,” she says. “They’re a grassroots, New York City–based brand that’s straightforward, not filled with junky chemicals and smells great. That paired-down, highly efficient approach is what Little Salon is all about.” 

By following her intuition, Mocarski created a mini oasis for both her clients and herself. She’s not looking to make her mark in the “big leagues.” She’s perfectly content riding high in a “little league” of her own.

Photography: Jay Sullivan