Clipperguy Business Building from A to Zoot - Letter G is for Greeting Immediately

Letter G is for Greeting Immediately - Always a pet peeve of mine.  Fast, simple sincere greetings are gold for a business.  Consumers notice when this happens.  They notice when it is missing.  It sets the tone for their impression of the business and their entire experience. Corny, but, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  Some of the big haircut chains do a great job of this.  Others have it in their plans but fail to execute consistently.

About: Ivan Zoot is ClipperGuy Ivan is a licensed barber, licensed cosmetologist and certified personal trainer.  Ivan specializes in working with salons, individuals and brands to get healthy, stay healthy, build business and increase profits and productivity. Ivan is a must see presenter at educational events and trade shows throughout the world. His book series, ClipperGuy Says… features eight titles ranging from technical cutting and business building to revealing the secrets of the cutting system he developed and used to break three Guinness World Hair Cutting records. The ClipperGuy channel on Youtube is a hair industry favorite for Ivan’s education, motivation and inspiration.  He has hundreds of videos there. More information about Ivan is available at