Club Intrigue: The Education Forum for Salon Owners and Stylists

Join The Club

It started three years ago when Jeff South, owner of Intrigue Salon in Atlanta, created Club Intrigue, a tightknit community that serves as a sharing and training forum for salon owners and stylists. But unlike other clubs that charge membership fees, there is no cost to join Club Intrigue—all you have to do is show up.

Club Intrigue offers three types of events: Look and Learn (several salons provide demos with a guest star), Jam Sessions (25 salons join four manufacturers) and Club Intrigue On the Road (events hosted at salons, countrywide, for stylists). Previous events have included Blonde Invasion (25 salons styling 25 blonde models), as well as On the Road featuring Wella Global Education Academy Dean Stephen Moody and Bellus Academy Director of Color Carrera Bailey at Dyer & Posta Salon, in Kennesaw, Georgia. “Everybody wants to be an educator so they get to come in and show what they’re about,” South says.

Club Intrigue also offers a live stream of all its events, and while South’s team promotes them through various social media channels, text messaging is his most effective way of spreading the word. He has received a lot of response from the community and other salons that want to host the same type of events.

South plans to hold more events across the country, sharing education and inspiration with others. He also has a more unique and fun plan in mind: “My ultimate goal in two years is to hold a Club Intrigue event on the Santa Monica Pier,” South says. “Club Intrigue is going to keep growing. Everything just came together, and I’m going with it.” —Kamala Kirk, west coast editor