Connect and Serve: Smooth Operators

Smooth Operators
What’s driving it: Fashion; clients’ desire for manageability.
How to cash in: Realize that no matter who your client is, there’s probably something she doesn’t like about her hair. 

Demand for smoothing services is fashion-driven, but Ruben BaVaz, educational director for La Brasiliana, says clients’ need for manageability transcends trendiness. “The profitable professional always has an answer and an alternative,” says BaVaz. Ask clients, “What difficulties are you having with your hair?” and then listen for ways smoothing treatments can help. Clients who don't want their hair straightened may still have issues with frizz, lack of shine or manageability, all of which can be answered by the right treatment. “It’s important to really listen to what clients are saying,” says BaVaz. Feeding back what you hear will make your client feel that you understand her concerns, and she’s more likely to follow your recommendations and be satisfied with the result.


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