David Thurston Discusses Salon Education

I hear it all the time… A stylist is interested in working at some salon… the stylist asks the salon owner, “Do you provide education?” The salon owner replies, “Yes.” The truth is, the only education they’ve had at the salon was some product knowledge class a product rep taught when the salon first opened, over a decade ago.

Because of technology, stylists are able to be more independent than ever. Smart salon owners realize that as the salon dynamics evolve, their role as a salon owner should evolve too.

Savvy salon owners recognize that now, more than ever, they should focus on building a top-notch education program, because education is the best way of making stylists better at their craft, keeping them inspired, and keeping them on trend… and having better stylists creates a long-term win/win result for both the stylists and the salon owner.


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Smart salon owners also understand that a good education program can be a great recruiting tool, a way to differentiate yourself from the other salons in your community, and an essential ingredient to building a team atmosphere.

If you’re a salon owner that still doesn’t provide education, I strongly recommend you evolve or you’re shortsightedness will catch up with you when other forward thinking salon owners like me open up a salon in your neighborhood. And stylists… if your salon does provide great education, you’ve been given a gift. If you say you want education but routinely choose not to attend, you’re no better than the salon owner who says he offers education but really doesn't. - David at Butterfly Loft

About: David Thurston is the founder of Butterfly Loft salon and Ubungalows Luxury Salon Suites, that combined make up a 10,000 square foot salon and spa located in Los Angeles, California.  He is also the founder of Butterfly Circus, a touring education team made up of some of the most recognizable stylists in the world, who collaborate to put on large hair shows.  David is also the co-founder of Butterfly Loft Academy, a hands-on education company that teaches the latest Balayage, color melt, and vivid/pastel coloring techniques. Follow Butterfly Loft on Instagram.