Detra Smith Explains How To Maximize Your Time Behind The Chair

Detra Smith, Artistic Director at Helen of Troy, explains how to maximize your time behind the chair while moving more tools off the shelf. Stylists are booked heavily during the holidays, but their salon guests want a little more styling for special events, so the Hot Tools XL Curling Iron can be a great time saver. A stylist can take larger sections of hair because more hair fits around the barrel. What’s more, the spiral shape of the curls can be separated and shaken loose or brushed to create soft waves. Smith also keeps a couple different sizes of Hot Tools gold irons on her station for shorter hair or for touching up the ends on long hair.

She usually adds a few curls or waves on the surface if time is limited but wants to make a guest feel special. A lot of clients leave the salon and post selfies or comment on their social media platforms, which sends new guests into the salon without costing her anything but five extra minutes.

Spring is an ideal time to use different tools— there’s Easter, Mother’s Day, proms and weddings. Valentine’s Day brings a lot of women into the salon to look special. Smith is busier than ever now that so many people post pictures from nights out, family gatherings and community events. She uses this influx of new clients to talk about retail products such as tools. “Stylists who talk about what they are using,” says Smith, “will easily sell retail products.”


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Hot Tip: Package a tool with a couple of styling products like a thermal setting spray and a finishing spray and sell as a bag deal. By spending the few extra minutes on the guest’s finished look, you can show her what she can do with the tool and products at home.