Take a Peek Inside Miami's Hottest Salon Du Jour

Naturally lit color stations inside the salon

Marie Robinson is no stranger to the luxury salon business. With a thriving New York City salon, accolades as the best colorist in Manhattan and an A-list celebrity clientele that would make People magazine jealous, the haircolor guru opened her second eponymous location in Miami’s Little River neighborhood.

Marie Robinson

Marie Robinson 

The main styling area of the salon with light flooding in from the courtyard.


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“Our salon in New York is much larger and more rectangular, allowing more space and serving as an oasis for our clients. Space is important for New Yorkers as many deal with small living arrangements and crowded streets,” says Robinson. “But in Miami, you can see so much more sky and most of the town is becoming quite modern. So, we wanted to create a warm and intimate space with inviting colors and a more personalized, detail-oriented service environment.” Floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights flood the salon with Florida sunshine while soft blues and yellows set the ambience and a shaded bamboo courtyard with plush outdoor lounging sofas and dining chairs make it enjoyable to indulge in a beverage. 

The intimate outdoor setup

With 20 chairs and a staff specializing in corrective color, cutting and styling, Robinson rotates her staff between the two locations to keep the salon’s signature close-knit culture together. “It’s about nurturing our people and making them feel safe,” says co-owner Abell Oujaddou. “There is no advantage to having your staff not be happy, or having them not grow or unable to afford things or live as they’d like.”  Sign us up.

“We wanted to create a warm and intimate space with inviting colors and a more personalized, detail-oriented service environment.”—Marie Robinson

The relaxing shampoo area

A stylish bowl for towels 

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