The Gift of Giving Back

How can the idea of giving as a staff end up being a gift for you all?

Our salon as a whole has always loved the idea of giving but rarely scheduled opportunities to intentionally give back to our community. The years would go by, and one thing we looked back and said was, “We should have done more…we should have given back more!”

We decided to make an intentional effort to change that. We scheduled a night where our local women’s homeless shelter could come experience a “spa night” at absolutely no cost to them. Our manager encouraged our staff and clientele to donate gently used purses, jewelry, clothing and shoes, and we set up a boutique for the ladies to shop at. On top of this, they ate dinner/dessert and received haircuts, styles and hand/arm massages. The only cost out-of-pocket for us was the food. Our staff volunteered their time and the night as a whole was a HUGE success.

How can something be considered successful when no money or new clients were gained or retained to the salon?

We have found that the more generous we are with our time and resources, it will always come back to us and far more than we originally gave. We have also found that it brings about a selflessness in our staff that is PRICELESS in this day and age of the ME culture. Our team feels united and inspired when they are able to come together to make a difference in the community.

Giving is of course about the ones receiving the gift, but the amazing thing we have found is that we receive far more than we ever gave.

Our biggest takeaway is that love is universal. No matter your race, age, social standing or religion, everyone needs love. Another universal element is hair, and all women love to feel pampered with their hair. It’s an easy way to make a woman feel beautiful.

We have linked a video from that special night. We hope you enjoy it and start something similar in your salon/spa. The main key is to be intentional and to schedule it.  We assure you that giving back is the gift that keeps on giving! Be inspired to love others today!

About: Wendy White-McCown began Signatures Salon in 1996 at the age of 22. She retired her shears 5 years ago to spend more time working on her business and help people develop professionally and personally. Together with her leadership team, (Bekah Nash-salon manager, Noelle Mills-salon manager, Lensi White-master stylist) Signatures Salon has won numerous awards over the years including small business of the year in SWLA. Together, they have developed the 3 Day Work Week which has proven to be a successful model in their salon over the past 4 years. It has helped create a happier staff and higher profits.