Embracing a Collaborative Spirit in the Beauty Industry

Ricardo Dinis, Aveda Global Artistic Director for Haircutting, shares with the Hb Community.

Not long ago, the business of beauty was competitive, and decidedly divided: Techniques were guarded, formulas kept secret and knowledge was rarely shared. But due to social media access, those tendencies have shifted. At Hairbrained, this movement has been dubbed “community over competition,” and we’ve witnessed firsthand the many ways in which the power of community and collective knowledge have positively impacted our members. 

Over the years, Hairbrained has worked tirelessly to feed this collaborative spirit. Through inspirational Facebook Live sessions, where top-tier educators share their techniques; Teach-Ins, where various educators come together on a single platform to share non-brand specific knowledge; the Hairbrained Video Awards, where craft hairdressers come together to celebrate their accomplishments and make meaningful connections; and newly formed hybrid education courses, such as Scissor vs. Razor, where educators use different methodologies to teach similar cuts, Hairbrained strives to emphasize the ways in which we’re stronger, together. “The majority of hairdressers have always wanted to share and connect with each other,” says Gerard Scarpaci, Hairbrained Co-Founder, “but the opportunities weren’t always there. Now opportunity lives in the palms of our hands, and it’s no surprise that hairdressers have really taken to it.”

Team Hb and Brian Hickman showing passion for the craft and community.

Though “knowledge hoarding” has become outdated, Hairbrained thinks it’s important to remember that collaboration and community continue to be the best way forward. “Our craft should never be about competing against each other,” confirms Kaylee Diaz, Hairbrained member. “It should be about helping each other to understand things, growing better with each experience.” 

Without our shared knowledge, the industry will fail to rise as a whole. We are a team of craftspeople, and together we’re capable of great accomplishments. “The relationships that we forge with our community will live on with pride and authenticity,” says William Alberto, Hairbrained member. Scarpaci agrees: “It’s really just the beginning of the sharing economy for hairdressing, and it’s bound to change everything.”

About: Founded by two like-minded hairdressers: Photographer and hairdresser, Randy Taylor, plus world-renowned educator and platform artist, Gerard Scarpaci. Both share a deep love for the industries professionals and the craft alike. www.hairbrained.me @hairbrained_official