Hairbrained On The Power of a Poll

Have you visited the new Hairbrained site? If you’ve ever wanted to survey your craft hairdressing peers – but weren’t sure how to go about doing it – now’s the time to try us out.

Because along with our newly redesigned, fully mobile platform, we’ve made another exciting change: we’ve added polls! With a simple swipe and a tap, you can survey your craft hairdressing community, and get answers to the questions that matter most to you.

At Hairbrained, we make it quick and easy to get the tools for success: Our poll creators are able to connect with a massive audience, and gain insight and understanding into what people want and need. For our poll participators, it’s a simple way to get your voice heard.


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“I find that the polls are one of the most entertaining and informative features on Hairbrained, because people can anonymously give their opinion on a variety of subjects,” says Hairbrained Host, Patty Gibbons. “Sometimes it's surprising what other people think, and other times it's good to see how much we all have in common. The best part is that there are countless subjects! The poll format gets the conversation started, and the comments are a great way for people to expand on their thoughts, which I find really engaging.”

Regardless of your industry related question, Hairbrained is here to get you the answers that you need, via our polls feature. Weigh in on the topics that matter most to you, plus get solution-driven advice. At Hairbrained, we care about the future, and we want to know: how can we help to make the world a better place for you, our craft hairdressing friends? Visit and give our latest ‘poll feature’ a try! 

Discover our top-viewed polls, here.

At what age did you start your professional career?

Do you take kids cuts in the salon?

Are you a commissioned stylist/employee? How does your salon handle the cost of haircolor chemicals?

The BIG question: Do you call them …?

How much do you charge for a Haircut?

About: Hairbrained is a community of hairdressers that share a deep passion and desire to celebrate the craft of hairdressing, online socially.The community was founded by two hairdressers, Randy Taylor, a photographer / hairdresser; and Gerard Scarpaci, a world-class educator/platform artist. Both have love for our industry; its people, and the craft of hairdressing. For more information visit