House of Cards - Cherry Petenbrink

Cherry Petenbrink features various hairstyles she has created on her business cards to showcase her work and appeal to more clients. 

FREELANCE COLORIST AND STYLIST Cherry Petenbrink doesn’t have just one design for her business card. Instead, she has anywhere from 8 to 10 different cards at a given time, each one featuring an image of a hairstyle that she has created and had published in various magazines. From cutting and coloring extension to custom wigs, its is vital to Petenbrink that existing and potential clients get a feel for her range and style of skills, so she will hand out different cards to clients depending on their individual style. “I need to appeal to the trending clients, as well as more commercial celebrities and the teller at my bank,” says Petenbrink. “Different cards appeal to different clients, so depending on who I’m networking with, I will find a card that speaks to them on a more personal level.”

She selected to design and print her cards, because she loves the quality, the personalized opportunity they provide, and the quality of the resolution in the end result. Petenbrink prefers a nice thick quality paper with round edges so her cards don’t get bent and worn-looking so easily, and she likes to mix up glossy and matte finishes for variety. She includes her website, phone number and studio address on her cards, which gives people the opportunity to research her work. By showcasing the wide variety of her work on her card and via her website, Petenbrink is able to attract more clients, ultimately leading to more business. 


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