House of Cards: Janine Jarman, Hairroin Salon

Janine Jarman’s business cards evoke a sense of nostalgia and curiosity from clients.

With black chandeliers and eccentric décor that includes a handpicked Ouija board, every day feels like Halloween at Hairroin Salon. Owner Janine Jarman is drawn to taxidermy and other oddities that she displays in the salon, so she wanted her business cards to reflect Hairroin’s unique culture. The shape of the card is modeled after vintage toe tags used for labeling cadavers, while the design features a skull cameo that was designed by Jarman’s close friend, who updated it by adding a punk rock hairstyle. Jarman selected a matte finish that was consistent with all of Hairroin’s printed material, and all of the information is printed in the signature black and white font. Her cards were done by Safari Printing, and the back of the card includes the website, address, phone number, stylist name and the their level in the salon. “Our logo sets us apart and makes us memorable,” says Jarman. “Customers love our cards and are more likely to hold onto them and hand out to friends because of the originality.”


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