House of Cards: Tonia Day

Tonia Day, a stylist at Cristophe Salon in Beverly Hills, CA chose to feature a bobby pin design on her business card because she can’t go a day without using one. She also wanted to promote her hairstyles for weddings and formal events to clients—the majority of whom are women. “I didn’t use real bobby pins because I thought they would be too bulky to carry around,” says Day. “But I like that they look so real to the point where you almost try to take one off, then realize it’s just a print.” 

Day chose gray (one of her favorite colors) for her cards, which she had printed at She also mentions on the back of her card that she does dry cutting and hair color, includes her social media links so people can check out her work, and includes her email and phone number for easy appointment booking. For the finishing touch, Day selected italic cursive font to reflect the style of her own work: effortless, elegant, natural and sexy. 


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