How to Prevent a Salon Walkout

(Getty Images)

A salon walkout is one of the most feared things an owner may face. This is when a number of staff members all agree that they are fed up and collectively leave the salon at one time. It’s a disaster. Many times it’s caused by the staff being unhappy, but it can also happen from one bad seed in your staff that poisons the minds of the others. The key is to not hire anyone who smells like trouble. You should be able to spot this a mile away during the interview and when calling references. You do not want any negative energy in the salon because it will spread and hurt your business. If you have a great staff and you, as the owner, are a mess, that could cause the staff to seek different and better employment. To help prevent this, hire the right staff, offer growth opportunities, have a solid structure and culture, and always be growing the salon. Stylists and employees just want to be happy and by doing that you can help prevent a salon walkout.


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