Learn How To Unlock the Value of Your Customer Data

When it comes to marketing to the right customers at the right times, trying to handpick and implement every campaign can be a time-suck. Data-driven marketing is an emerging trend that takes the customer actions captured in cloud-based management systems, like MINDBODY or Booker, and delivers smart marketing campaigns to those customers automatically.

On April 19 at 12:30 PM EST, you can join a webinar that unlocks the value of your customer's data. Presented by Corey Kossack, co-founder and CEO at Frederick, the 30-minute webinar will cover:

  • The beauty and wellness industry’s transformation from running offline to online
  • The value of customer data
  • How to leverage the data you already have to improve your relationship with customers and grow your revenues

Kossack is an experienced entrepreneur and the CEO and Founder of Frederick, the leading marketing automation software for beauty and wellness businesses that helps thousands of businesses increase revenue with fully automated, smart marketing campaigns.

For more information and to register for the webinar, visit mindbodyonline.com